About Us



    At Boulder Explore we focus on creativity, inquiry-based learning, collaborative problem solving, and thematic approaches.  Highly qualified teachers guide the students as they explore topics in Visual Art and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and​​​ Mathematics) through engaging in ​​​​hands-on activities and relevant experiences enriched through community resources and partnerships.​​ 


    Students at Boulder Explore meet one day a week to experience blended learning curriculum and hands on enrichment.  We host presentations and field excursions that may be attended by both parent and student. We also offer an online environment to allow parents to extend their child's learning beyond the enrichment day along with opportunities for parents to add to their skill set through collaborative events and workshops.

    Boulder Explores vision is to exist as a place where families are honored and play a vital role in the learning community. The pare​nt is the first and the primary educator for a child, providing the content for skill development in literacy and numeracy while we engage students in discovery, practice, and inquiry. Students are respected and valued as individuals within a positive and safe learning environment.

    The mission of Boulder Explore is to be an innovative model for family-centered education that recognizes the importance of both individual and group learning for school-age children. We encourage creativity, collaboration, and growth while delivering a dynamic, supportive and enriching student-centered inclusive learning community.